Ultra Afro Light Released! Liner Notes Part 1

K.Raydio (soundcloud.com/kraydio)
Asia J (soundcloud.com/stylesofthefree)
Kaiji (In Stereo) (soundcloud.com/kaijiznstereo)
Renée Copeland (soundcloud.com/ren-e-copeland)

I’ve been working on this album conceptually since around 2008. What mainly slowed it down was not having the right guests featured or not having the guests contribute as expeditiously as I wanted. I released other projects and worked with other people to build up more different kinds of sounds and inspiration from different people which lead up to this.

There were a few albums that inspired this project. Lone’s Lemurian from 2008, both Boards of Canada albums from 1998 and 2002 (Music Has The Right to Children & Geogaddi), Shafiq Husayn’s “Shafiq EN-A-FREE-KA”, Georgia Anne Muldrow’s “Olesi”, Flying Lotus’ “Cosmogramma”, Jneiro Jarel’s “Three Piece Puzzle” and his Dr. Who Dat alias album “Beat Journey” and a few others that I can’t think of at the moment. These albums have different qualities and sounds that inspired “Ultra Afro Light”. The words to describe the sounds (as adjectives) would be: nostalgic, hazy, dreamy, sunny, worn-out, earthy, organic, experimental, electronic, free and spacey.

The guest tracks I envisioned for the album at first I wanted very structured in song format but I decided to go for a more looser, experimental, free and shorter kind of approach. I asked the collaborators for either 1 verse or to just express themselves freely without any restriction to song structure or format. I figured this would speed up the process of finishing the songs without sacrificing creative quality.

Overall, I’m pretty satisfied with the sound of the album and that I was able to bring out what I had in my head into existence.

On the next entry, I’ll explain more deeper into why I selected certain collaborators/guests, the vision of the album, and what inspired certain tracks.