Katrah-Quey 2016 Wrap-Up: Releases and Stuff

Even though 2016 was a mess for society, I found happiness this year and collaborated with a lot of great artists. In this post I will share what I released this year:

In February I released Ultra Afro Light:

K.Raydio (soundcloud.com/kraydio)
Asia J (soundcloud.com/stylesofthefree)
Kaiji (In Stereo) (soundcloud.com/kaijiznstereo)
Renée Copeland (soundcloud.com/ren-e-copeland)

Then shortly afterward, I released a mix on mixcloud called Irregularities that has experimental electronic soul/hiphop/jazz sounds and textures:

I shared two remixes on soundcloud:

I released a short mix on mixcloud called Non-Subtle Thump Mix:

In October I released an ep of instruments that were used in collaborations called Consoles One:

A few weeks later I released an mix on mixcloud called “DirtyThirtyFive” that has jazzy underground hiphop sounds:

For Halloween I released a dark, moody hiphop mix called Sansara:

Then I released a remix edit of one of my favorite The Internet tracks:

More stuff coming in 2017! I hope you have a happy new year!