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New episode of Boombap Blast: Mix 0020: Rare, Obscure Underground Hip-Hop Podcast

Got a new episode of my hip-hop podcast Boombap Blast 0020 on many podcast streaming platforms and out on mixcloud!–Obscure-Underground-Hip-Hop-Podcast-e4e2su

? – Rare Random Rap Demo (Stretch & Bobbito WKCR 1996)
Lost One – Suicide Diaries
Dres – Hot Ish (Kool DJ EQ Remix)
Mars ILL – My Life
Definition – Definition
Afaliah Afelyone – In/exhale
Ed O.G – I Feel You
Drama Klub – The Heist
Mos Def – Got (Instrumental)
Prime – Rewind
N.S.V. – Crime Boss
Kreators – Truth Or Game
Xtracts Of Slang – Steppin’ In
Starving Artists Crew – Transitions
Genelec And Memphis Reigns – Sunwheel
CunninLynguists – Karma
Eyedle Mode – End Of The Innocence
Square One – Analyze
Nomad – Iron Supplement
Organized Family Project – Cinnamon Brown
Supastition – Final Call
Constellation – Water World
Double L – Peeps in da ground
raw breed – real life
Burnt Batch – Artform
Tha Chamba – Don’t Sleep
Baby Phinsta – Collisions
Sub-Conscious – Pushin’ Orbits
Maintain – Steady Scheming
Black Majik – Rotten Apple
Polecat – RIP (LP Mix)

Listening back to this episode, I need to tighten my transitions a bit better in-between songs. It’s something I’ve been learning and trying to figure out a good system ever since the 1st episode. It seems to feel and sound different with every episode. I hope you enjoy it nonetheless.