Yuna – Likes feat Kyle (Katrah-Quey Remix)

I recently remixed the song “Likes” from Yuna’s Rouge album. I love the concept of this song, it’s mainly about peoples addiction to validation from using social media.

I used a sample from the game Final Fantasy 7 Remake for the chords in the beat.

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A Tribute Mix For Malik B of the Roots

A few months ago I wanted to do a concept mix comparing and showcasing two albums by The Roots; Do You Want More?!?!?!! and Illadelph Halflife. I wanted to see which album fans thought were better or liked more. When I finally got around to making the mix, I got news that emcee Malik B passed away. So this mix is definitely a tribute to him.

Patreon page to MP3 download and streaming player:

Mixcloud Page (only playable in certain countries):


3 New Remixes of Sampa The Great, Joey Bada$$ and Kno

Today I am releasing 3 new, unheard remixes

Sampa The Great – Any Day (Katrah-Quey Remix)

Katrah-Quey · Sampa The Great – Any Day (Katrah-Quey Remix)


Joey Bada$$ – Super Predator feat Styles P

Katrah-Quey · Joey Bada$$ – Super Predator feat. Styles P (Katrah-Quey Remix)


Kno – Social Distancing

Katrah-Quey · Kno – Social Distancing (Katrah-Quey Remix)


Check them out and let me know which one is your favorite!


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Some early 80s & 90s Japanese Ambient Music I found On Youtube

I was just randomly browsing Youtube when I stumbled upon these two heavenly and sonically rich Ambient projects from two Japanese new age musicians:

Hiroshi Yoshimura ‎– A・I・R (Air In Resort)

This album has some very beautiful synth arrangements that sounds like the trees are playing instruments and the grass is dancing to the composition. There are nature sounds that drift in and out throughout the album and they are kept at a comfortable volume to not distract you or focus away from the melodies. The moods of the songs can shift from blissful and hopeful to more shady and distant in tone. The album cover really helps paint the visual of the music in your mind of a beautiful forest on a sunny day.

Takashi Kokubo (小久保隆) – Barcelona ~ Gaudi’s Dream ~ (バルセロナ~ガウディの夢~)

One of the things I admire most about this album is how dreamy and earthy it sounds. It isn’t as electronic sounding as the Air In Resort album as above, but I know it has some electronic processing of some kind to make the instruments sound as acoustically rich as possible. The melodies and harmonies dancing and jump around like happy children playing at a playground, while the percussion in the tracks have loads of melody too and sit underneath the instrumentation like laying underneath a warm blanket on a cold day. Shimmering sparks of heaven float in and out of
arrangements like spraying mists of cool water on your face in the summer. There isn’t many quiet segments in the album, the instrumentation stays busy without being at all overwhelming, sort of like hanging out with someone you adore that isn’t judgmental. Be sure to listen to this album with headphones on or keep it at a decent level through your speakers to get the full effect of how each instrument occupies a certain stereo channel.

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Boombap Blast removed from all podcasting platforms

My podcast Boombap Blast has been removed from I am guessing because of copyright reasons. All of the episodes are removed from Spotify and will slowly be removed from other digital platforms soon. I found out about this after trying to log into anchor and getting a 404 error. I thought my internet was bugging out or something.

I felt sad about this, but i KNEW it was going to happen sooner or later.

I have all the episodes streaming on Mixcloud and for MP3 download on Patreon. Please check ALL of them out if you dig rare and jazzy underground hip-hop.

The other day, I was thinking of just continuing the podcast on Mixcloud but I think I need a short break from it for a while.

If you want it to return, all you need to do is listen to the episodes on Mixcloud. Subscribe to my Patreon to the get the Mp3s. Let me know how much you loved it and how often you listened to it. Let me know if it helped you in anyway.

That’s about it.

Thanks for reading


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My thoughts on the newest Gang Starr song “Family & Loyalty”

First, I love it. Sounds like 1998 Moment of Truth type of Gang Starr material. I think the J.Cole appearance was quite surprising because I felt they would’ve chosen an emcee that was a more classic 90s type emcee but they picked someone that was recognizable to younger hip-hop fans. That was a good choice. The beat is quintessential DJ Premier type boombap with a bright, prideful and triumphant piano loop with a beautiful violin line that comes in during the 3rd and 4th bars of the track.

I did feel like Guru’s voice during the verses sounded kinda higher volume wise compared to the chorus section but I got used to it. I loved Guru’s lyrics as they signify the importance of loving your family, the loyalty each member has towards another and used toughness of a diamond as a metaphor for strength & perseverance.

The cut “Family & Loyalty” is featured in my latest Boombap Blast podcast, episode 0025:–Underground-Hip-Hop-Podcast-e5rl6v


Want to Learn How To Make Beats From Me?

Lately, I’ve been experimenting with making videos on how to make beats on your phone. I want to share my latest video on how to edit and crop samples in Caustic 3:

I am also experimenting with giving away free samples for beatmakers as well. Check it out:

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Underground Hip-Hop Podcast Boombap Blast Mix 0024 Released

New episode up!


Sway In The Morning – SITM Jam Session Part 1 w_ Robert Glasper, Lupe Fiasco, Rapsody, Anthony Hamilton and More
Njeri Earth, Saar3 – Breathe
Little Brother – The Feel
Nipsey Hussle & DJ Premier – Down As A Great
Phat Kat – Dedication To The Suckers
Rob Deez – Amazin’
Teknical Development.IS – P.S. With Love
Kota the Friend – Island Man (feat. Blu)
Marco Polo & Masta Ace- Breukelen “Brooklyn” (feat. Smif-N-Wessun)
Smoked Out Productions – Styles (Instrumental)
Julie-C – Misaligned
Blu & Damu The Fudgemunk – Share The Love
Rapsody – Hatshepsut (Feat. Queen Latifah)
Kev Brown & J Scienide – Vibrations Good
Che Noir – 2 Summers
Jazzscapez – Jazzscapez – People all around (Redux)
fresco – nova. [prod. by KEEM.THE.CIPHER]
Lo Lifes – We On Now
a r t d – blazeupanotherblunt
Sway In The Morning – SITM Jam Session Part 1 w_ Robert Glasper, Lupe Fiasco, Rapsody, Anthony Hamilton and More


Download the MP3 of Declaime – Heavenbound (Katrah-Quey Remix)

If you want the mp3 of the remix of Heavenbound that I did by Declaime, I can send it to your email. Add your email here:

Take a listen before you do:


Let me know what you think in the comments!




Thanks for your support in August. Please Read This

August in 2019 is a wrap. I want to thank every single one of you that has taken the time to listen to my music and watch my videos. I do this music stuff because I love it very much and I want to help you remind yourself how beautiful life can be and how important you are.

I give away a lot of my music, so I don’t  make very much off of it right now, but I am working everyday to eventually have it be a big percentage of my income. I wont quit.

If you would like to donate to me either once or month for exclusive content, please check out the link below. I would really appreciate it and it will help me continue to create music and videos to help you.



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