3 New Remixes of Sampa The Great, Joey Bada$$ and Kno

Today I am releasing 3 new, unheard remixes

Sampa The Great – Any Day (Katrah-Quey Remix)

FREE MP3: https://gum.co/anydaykatrahqueyremix

Joey Bada$$ – Super Predator feat Styles P

FREE MP3: https://gum.co/anydaykatrahqueyremix

Kno – Social Distancing

FREE MP3: https://gum.co/socialdistancingkatrahqueyremix

Check them out and let me know which one is your favorite!


My thoughts on the newest Gang Starr song “Family & Loyalty”

First, I love it. Sounds like 1998 Moment of Truth type of Gang Starr material. I think the J.Cole appearance was quite surprising because I felt they would’ve chosen an emcee that was a more classic 90s type emcee but they picked someone that was recognizable to younger hip-hop fans. That was a good choice. The beat is quintessential DJ Premier type boombap with a bright, prideful and triumphant piano loop with a beautiful violin line that comes in during the 3rd and 4th bars of the track.

I did feel like Guru’s voice during the verses sounded kinda higher volume wise compared to the chorus section but I got used to it. I loved Guru’s lyrics as they signify the importance of loving your family, the loyalty each member has towards another and used toughness of a diamond as a metaphor for strength & perseverance.

The cut “Family & Loyalty” is featured in my latest Boombap Blast podcast, episode 0025: