Gentleness of Linne released on Bandcamp, Spotify and Googleplay

Gentleness of Linne is a collection of beats that I’ve created either live on facebook live, or beats from almost 10 years ago that I’ve shared videos of on instagram. Not much of a concept to the project story wise, but I did share these beats first with those who subscribe on my patreon.






In January this beat tape was only on Spotify and Googleplay, but I decided a mp3 download release would make sense too. There are 6 extra album covers in the zip on bandcamp taken from screenshots from the full music video I’ve created:

Late April & May 2017 DJ Mixes

For past few weeks I’ve been DJing weekly at a local restaurant in downtown Saint Paul called Red Lantern Sushi.

I have recorded all of my sets (or parts of them) and uploaded them on mixcloud!

I have one mix that I recorded on instagram live:

Also, I’m thinking of making a patreon account, but I’m not sure how to start. If you have any ideas, let me know!

I’m Featured In The Music Video “Our Relationship is a Slowly Gentrifying Neighborhood”

Myself and Guante created an album last year called “Post-Post Race”. One of the tracks titled “Our Relationship is a Slowly Gentrifying Neighborhood” had a music video created for it that we filmed in late 2016. February 26th, debuted the video that myself and Guante are featured in with vocalist Jayanthi Kyle:

Tell me what you think of the video in the comments section!

Experimental instrumental project ‘love·ly’ released

I made this album on my smartphone using this app:

It’s rather old, its from 2011. Hopefully my project can spark some sort of return to the project, if the creators take notice. It was a challenge working with a different kind of production setup & interface that I felt was a little limiting & cumbersome but it was fun. Not sure if I will do it again though, haha.

I made a liner notes style page for the project:

Let me know what you think of the whole project in the comments!

Katrah-Quey 2016 Wrap-Up: Releases and Stuff

Even though 2016 was a mess for society, I found happiness this year and collaborated with a lot of great artists. In this post I will share what I released this year:

In February I released Ultra Afro Light:

K.Raydio (
Asia J (
Kaiji (In Stereo) (
Renée Copeland (

Then shortly afterward, I released a mix on mixcloud called Irregularities that has experimental electronic soul/hiphop/jazz sounds and textures:

I shared two remixes on soundcloud:

I released a short mix on mixcloud called Non-Subtle Thump Mix:

In October I released an ep of instruments that were used in collaborations called Consoles One:

A few weeks later I released an mix on mixcloud called “DirtyThirtyFive” that has jazzy underground hiphop sounds:

For Halloween I released a dark, moody hiphop mix called Sansara:

Then I released a remix edit of one of my favorite The Internet tracks:

More stuff coming in 2017! I hope you have a happy new year!


DirtyThirtyFive Mix (35 Minutes of Jazzy, Smooth, Underground Hip-Hop)

I randomly made this mix while waiting for a friend to see how my laptop can handle live mix recording. At a certain point I forgot I was recording and I was playing around with some effects, loops and doubling. You’ll hear some Organized Konfusion, Black Star, Crown City Rockers and some more obscure artists.

I called it dirtythirtyfive because it lasts 35 minutes.

consoles one Released!

consoles one is a compilation of instrumentals that were used for remixes & collaborations with artists in the past. I’m not sure how popular or relevant I am to release a compilation of instrumentals especially considered how obscure the collaborated tracks may be. I wonder if anyone would notice or find out which tracks were used. If not, this compilation EP is good for background music nonetheless.

I do plan to release other installments of consoles later in the future, similar to Dj Spinna’s Compositions series or MF Doom’s Special Herbs series.

Non-Subtle Thump Mix (ˈekˌsərpt/)

This is a excerpt from a 80 minute freestyle dj mix I made last week. It was pretty sloppy and the blends were very off, so I decided to share 19 minutes of the best part from it. It’s just random jazzy hiphop; Check it out!

Beat Tape Shenmue (5 Year Anniversary)

Today, April 24th marks the day I released Beat Tape Shenmue! 5 years ago in 2011!

I worked on this project for about 2 years. I LOVE the Shenmue games on Dreamcast and I loved the atmosphere and music, so that inspired me to create Beat Tape Shenmue. It’s basically an instrumental remix project using music from Shenmue 1 and Shenmue 2. I’ve gotten a lot of good reception and feedback from this album over the years, so I appreciate that immensely.